industrialFrom the analysis of existing production facilities, conception of the production process and the development of new and custom-tailored solutions, to the provision of ready-to-roll turnkey solutions, we guarantee the highest quality from the first minute on. You can put your trust in the objectivity of a brand-independent enterprise that naturally provides certified system quality in line with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

We have the capabilities and resources to assume all roles required to culminate any project into a success.

The company aims to provide a gateway to foreign manufacturers for various technology products as a trade partner for Indian Market. Our mission is to create and maintain a sustained competitive advantage in product marketing, after-sales-service and introducing new technologies in order to meet customer’s needs as a complete Solution provider.

The company has the facility to manufacture solar panels, solar inverters and other solar products.

We also have a full-fledged testing and research lab so as to provide best solutions to the customers. We have developed a solar room at our head office in Greater Noida to make people believe about the benefits of the solar energy.



  • Solar Street lights

  • Solar Air Cooler

  • Solar Air Conditioner

  • Solar panel

  • Solar Inverter

  • Solar Charge Controller

  • Solar Garden lights

  • Solar home kits

  • Solar lantern