Clean Green Fuel,
Safe & Natural
Solar Power

Earth receives solar energy at the rate of apprx. 1,73,000 TW.
World needs Only 15TW

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Thar Desert has been set aside for solar power projects,
Sufficient to generate 700 to 2,100 GW.

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It offers much more self-reliance than depending upon a power utility for all electricity. Now get rid of those frequent power outages and dependence on the availability of transmission lines and grid electricity in the area.

No Carbon footprints

Solar power leaves no footprints behind. Silicon solar panels generate electricity without noise or emissions, and are comprised almost entirely of recyclable materials. In addition, solar panels do not require water for operation, critically important for sustainable communities around the world.

Solar Everywhere

Solar energy is everywhere. You may not be able to dig a coal mine or oil well in your back yard, but with our Solar panels you can harness nature’s highest source of power. The sun sends enough energy to Earth each hour to meet human energy demands for an entire year! It’s the world’s most abundant and accessible source of energy.